Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Because Gina K said I could.....

...that's why!

  • That is why I invested a whole $1.96 in Rose Art Colored pencils (I wimped out at the last minute only got the 24 instead of the 72) and $2.97 in "Low Odor Thinners". Gina K did the legwork for me at Craft Critique in her colored pencil comparison. So I figured, why not!?! I do not own stumps--but I do have Q-tips--I took the cotton off of them and used them like that. No, I am not going to get the same results as Prismas with Gamsol and stumps from Taiwan (or where-ever they are supposed to come from). But I am not whining nor complaining to myself about not being able to try them. I can see that I need more practice, more colors and I think those stumpy things! But hey, I tried it. I think I like it, too!

  • This card was created for a color challenge--which was a challenge since I didn't have all of the colors (alternatives were provided) but this patterned paper DID! :D It is BasicGrey "Perhaps". (It was also used in the example--but I was just about to e-mail Emily with this combo BECAUSE of this paper, but I would have added More Mustard to the combo--I guess that is why I am NOT in charge-lol).
  • My little dd made off with the olive pencil, and after looking for it for a half hour , I decided to just watercolor the olive.

  • The green ribbon is from my ABSOLUTELY favorite dress growing up. It is a little creased and ratty for the dress (YES, I still have the dress) but perfect for cardmaking. The pink is from blog candy from Julia S. (See how I hoard it?)

  • I am still unsure about these fuzzy flowers. They were so cute in the package (cute little plastic Chinese take-out style box with a handle). And they go so nicely with the paper, but...I just don't think I have the right size brads for them.

  • The stamp had never seen ink before today. Doesn't sound too unusual till I tell you I have had this stamp since 1995!! It is from Rubber Monger. I didn't even stamp then. I collected frogs, and my mom would occasionally get me frog stamps. (this stamp was rescued from my "To Sell in a Garage Sale bin").

Well, thanks for stopping by! I hope my coloring skills will improve!!