Sunday, August 26, 2007

Wedding Gift Update

So, I go to this wedding (with THIS gift). It was a lovely day and the wedding was in one of our many beautiful parks. Sunny (after POURING all morning) warm (upper 70s). The Wedding party was beautiful in Cameo Coral dresses for the women and black tuxes with emerald green vests. Beautiful ceremony the couple wrote really cool (and well thought out) vows.

Then the pastor announces: "I now present to you Mr. and Mrs. Bell."

What did he say!?! Uh, oh!

Well, I had left the gift in the car (on purpose--since the reception was at another place). And well, it is still there.

In church, today, I talked to a mutual friend. And it turns out that he is trying to change his name to "Tucker" but is lacking the cash to get it done. (Bell is his father's name and Tucker is his mother's name--sad story with a very very hopeful ending--or beginning depending on your point of view).

So I will talk to the mother of the groom this week and ask her advice. I may be making a new gift---or not.

Can ANYTHING happen in my life without DRAMA!! LOL!

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Wife2TJ said...

That's too funny! Since he is wanting to change his name anyways maybe they will love it as they will be the tucker's someday anyways. How crazy though.