Monday, June 30, 2008

Did you think I forgot how??

How to stamp, that is!! Frankly, I was not so certain I still knew how, myself.

I decided to pack up my stamping stuff earlier in the packing process than I had planned (so as not to be a distraction from packing--I hate packing and I was not doing well at getting it done).

Shelly (Yes, THE Shelly from Stamp with Shelly) came and helped me set up my stamp area. She is an organizing maniac--I on the other hand can't organize my self to save my life. THANKS SHELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I decided to start small and easy--and for me, that means using a challenge. I decided to use two challenges the Way to Use It Challenge and the Technique Lover's Challenge. So that meant Birds and Watercoloring with Re-inkers! I love to watercolor! And I have just recently splurged on a bird stamp set---so Viola!

TLC174-WT172 Birdie

There is more information on my SplitCoast Gallery post.

So I will let you go there for the deets (I know, that is a switch). I gotta go feed starving children (not really starving--but enough drama to try to convince me that they are).

I have stamped more--and will post more.....soon!


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Shelly said...

THE Shelly is very proud of you and expects monthly untouched time stamped photos so I know that you are keeping your area neat, tidy and organized. Love, love, love the card. You haven't lost your touch!