Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Where's the stamps????

I have moved (from Northern Lower MI to Metro Detroit)

I would really like to thank the optimistic readers who keep popping back in from time to time thinking sooner or later I will post SOMETHING!  Thanks!

Here is my stamp space:

moving in

I can't get there from here and even if I could, I have unpacked ink, a few embellishments, but no stamps or paper. UUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This house is set up nicer for a family of 5 BUT it is SIGNIFICANTLY smaller (every closet is less than half the size of the previous house--and fewer of them).  A bonus is a basement.  But I figure we have about 3 rooms of STUFF in the one basement room.  I am sure it will get better.  Especially as we thin down the stuff that we don't need.  I plan to be able to get to my stamp area by the weekend (although proper lighting is an issue).

If you stamp in the basement and have any CHEAP suggestions, please share!!!! (like how do you keep the spiders out of the patterned paper holders ;) )


I want to share some news over at Starving Artistamps there are a BUNCH of new sentiments!!!!!  Great for you sentiment collectors, and perfect for those who have been admiring/purchasing the Doodle Factory stamps.  I had a hand in designing some of the Urban  (urban set #1) and Country (a bunch of the country sentiment set) sentiments. 

It was great fun!

Don't forget that you can get these at a 10% discount by using the discount code: julidis.  (Or for anything else at Starving Artistamps)

Wish me luck, and thanks for not giving up on me.



Tammy Hershberger said...

Hey Jules! Glad to hear you're settling in OK!

I stamp in the basement and haven't had trouble with spiders but thanks for making me paranoid now! LOL For lighting, my hubby hung two flourescent light boxes, then rewired the light socket for an electrical outlet and plugged the flourescents into that!

Hope you get to stamp soon! Stampin' hugs from Ohio!

JAR said...

Julesie! I am so glad that you are there. I stamp in the basement too -- and like Tammy, I don't have spiders but now I will look!! heehee My lighting is terrible because I have one tiny little light, but I do have an Ott light for my desk! Sending lots of hugs!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jules! I know how you feel. I didn't move to another city, but I did move into my new stamp studio and nothing is put away correctly. I hope you find your stamps soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear ... all too familiar. We moved last year, bigger house, smaller closets. So many "boxes" went to the basement, as did my crafting zone.

My only suggestion to you is put in lots of lighting now, if you can. That & slippers.

If you figure out any neat tips, please let me know! LOL. Amy.