Friday, October 10, 2008

A Head's UP!

Have you ever wanted to go to a stamp show and visit all the fascinating stamp vendors--BUT there is never one near you??  Or perhaps (like me) you hate paying for parking and for the privilege of walking in the door.  Well, the folks at Rubber Stamp  Chat have an answer for you....

A VIRTUAL Convention!!!  WOOO HOOO!!

Check out BOTH pages of vendors--and YES!  Starving Artistamps is there!!!  Well, HERE. Winking

It looks like some great deals there.  So check it out. No high gas prices, no dragging the dh or kids along, and FREE PARKING!!!!


On another note--my poll is still open till Saturday (here).  It is an anonymous poll and just for FUN!  I am a bit puzzled why about 70 people have looked but only 16 voted.  I am thinkin' that there are bunches of people who have no opinion, or hated both cards, or the widget doesn't work on some browsers??? 

Have a happy Friday and weekend.  If I get through my mountain of laundry--perhaps I will have something stamped to show you!


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