Thursday, November 19, 2015

Fun with Liquid Chalk!

I was approached by "Chalkola Arts" to receive a set of chalk markers in exchange for my my honest review.

We, my daughters and I, were super geeked when they arrived. They are such BRIGHT and wonderful colors!

I teach elementary Sunday School at our church and I thought this would be the perfect way to test them out!

Our chalk boards at church are BROWN, drab and dull.
We were talking about the Lord's Prayer in Matthew 6, and I thought that this was the perfect opportunity to use these markers!

I loved how the color went up!!

My teen daughter and I tried different fonts and different colors.

Not only did they the markers go up wonderfully, but they came off wonderfully, too.  We took a shot of the paper towel because it was so pretty!! LOL!

Just a wet paper towel took it all off, BUT once dry the "ink" never smeared.
This is such a plus since more that one group use our room (But only our class use the chalkboard).  So I didn't have to worry about anyone smearing our memory verses!

I will be using these markers often in the future!  I have picked up some little chalkboard clips from the dollar spot at Michaels to use with these, too.  Great for gift tags!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope this review was a help to you.

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