Monday, June 19, 2006

I am a rubber snob!

Yes, I am a rubber snob. The latest thing (not actually new, though) is polymer stamps. They seem great since they are clear, which supposedly makes it easier to place the stamps on the stamping surface. This could come in handy the most when stamping letters to make words (like on scrapbook pages). Does the polymer material stamp as nicely as rubber? Sadly, no. It cannot take the large variety of inks and stamping opportunnities (like bleach--which give a really neat effect).

I came across an information page while shopping for stamps online: Clear Stamping Techniques
It makes a good case for the benefits of polymer (clear) stamps. In my mind, though, not good enough for me to invest my $$ in them.


Jennifer said...

I agree. Rubber can't be beat!

your said...
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