Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Before and After

Lately, I have been suffering from "stamper's regret." I don't regret stamping, I just stamp something, and then think of several ways I could have done it better--after the project is complete.

Well, today's Sketch Challenge was a toughie for me. Many decisions, many little pieces, many frustrations. I made a card with "Like it a Latte" (LUV this set!!) and some patterned paper that I really like, too. But somehow I did not like the result. And it is the "before picture"

I did not think it was very balanced, visually. All of the color was on two pieces, and the focal image (coffee cup) was not very prominent. I posted it anyway.

After posting it on SCS I thought of some ways to improve it. Thankfully these were easy "fixes" that did not involve reworking the ENTIRE card. So that brings us to the "after":

It is not an "Extreme Makeover" but it is "kicked up a notch" (yes, I watch too much t.v.--this is why I stamp!) I added two hearts. One clear embossed on pixie pink paper, cut out and popped out on the coffee cup. The second is stamped off pixie pink (classic ink) on the main sentiment. I also added brown embroidery floss on the buttons--I tried to leave the holes naked--but I just couldn't do it. I believe these changes are enough change to make me go from a "that's nice" to a "hey, I like this."

What do you think? I think I am going to kick some other of my cards "up a notch". Just to see what I can do.

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Dawn Mercedes said...

I don't know if this went through...

But I love the details here...Great job "kicking it up a knotch!"