Saturday, March 29, 2008

Let me explain...

I am NOT responsible for this card!

Okay, it was the inspiration challenge that made me do this! We were supposed to find something in our home to inspire a card.

I am sure she meant home decor--but our home does not have a great deal of *decor*. So I was about to head to my daughters' closets to find some inspiration (they have some neat colors and patterns in their clothes.). WHEN, as if on cue, my little dd came out and said, "Look what I put on!!" She is so proud of this outfit. and I do admit--I smile when I look at it.

You have to admit, it IS colorful! Let's see, a lime zip front hoodie (with pastel floral applique); a raspberry shirt, a pink and brown cow print velour skirt; patchwork tights, and white patent shoes.
I should mention that she is four and thinks this is BEAUTIFUL!!!

So, now I have inspiration. Next is layout, stamps, and embellishments. WELL--there are more challenges to conquer.

Beate covered the layout with WSC41. Thanks Beate!

Next came the stamp choices. I saw Sharon's Challenge: Paper Piecing. Hmmmmmm. So I went rooting in my stamp collection for a stamp that could be pieced. I came up with Rupert from Doodle Factory--in fact, it reminds me of my dd!!!

Now embellishments! The limited supply challenge was to use embellishments we have never used and wondered why we ever bought. Enter really huge flower that I got in the silk flower dept. at our local $ store.

I rummaged around in my patterned paper archives. (BTW--I noticed when I was done, all the papers were from the same manufacturer--ColorBok) And came up with some bright and FUN papers. And so the card evolved.

So this card is not my fault!! Blame it on Stef, Joy, Beate, Sharon and Jen!!!


Shelly said...

Now I understand. I did think of your nekkid DD right away and thought that must not be where your inspiration came from. But hey, I am impressed with her taste. She is clothed and has her Mothers style, LOL!

beate said...

hey...she dressed herself! That's great.
She is adorable and now that you explained the card, I think it's perfect for the challenge.
Hugs and smiles

cmm said...

Okay, so this visit to your blog was totally worth it. Your DD is adorable and she does look so proud. You are a good mom to let her explore her tastes and interests. I do hope you helped her with her shoes, however. Thanks for sharing your delightful moment with us Jules!

JAR said...

Jules, This brought such a smile to my face and I am soooo glad you had the wherewithall to take a picture, because it is so precious and will be such a fun remembrance of both her choices and your card! I LOVE it!

Jessie/knightrone said...

HEHEHE!!! Now I get it, FABULOUS inspiration. She is definitely cute and has a wonderful since of style!!LOL

Anonymous said...

The card is wild and fun. But your daughter is just adorable Jules. What great inspiration! Stacy

Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

very good blog, congratulations
regard from Catalonia Spain
thany you

Mel M. M. M. said...

If I were you, I'd take all the responsibility for this card. It's gorgeous, fresh, funky & fun. Just like your sweet daughter! Thanks for sharing the fun, :0) Mel

Sharon (notimetostamp) said...

Oh my gosh, how funny -- love your story and your DD is darling, all dressed up in her finest!!! Those were the days!!! Now that I read this story, I love your card even more than I did when I saw it on SCS -- thanks for playing and sharing!!! How fun!!!

Rose Ann said...

Your inspiration couldn't be better!! Too cute, and so is your card!

Dee aka StampincuzIluv2 said...

She's adorable!! What great inspiration:)