Thursday, March 13, 2008

I am a cup of coffee!

A strong cup of coffee

Awarded by
StampingQueenJAR to Juliana

My friend Judy knows how much I LOVE coffee (and you may have guessed by the little coffee cup curser that floats around).


So everybody--pull up a chair and let me fill your cup! Let's chat and stamp over a good cup o' joe!!


JAR said...

Teehee!! I am glad you got it - I thought it was perfect for you!

Is it okay if mine is General Foods Capuccino?? :)
Love ya, Jules!

Anonymous said...

Oh I think this is too cute. I would love to pull up a chair stamp and chat. Have an awesome day Jules! Stacy

Helen said...

I'll chat and stamp but you can keep your coffee thanks! :)