Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hostess Gifts

This has got to be a record for me--three posts in one day!!

I went to Akron with hostess gifts for my two great roomies: Sherry and Shelly.  They were awesome to room with.  Not only are they fun to hang with--but they have GREAT taste in beverages!!! (both cold and hot)

Here is what I brought with me for Shelly (who also drove me over half the way):

Pencil holder--Create

Pencil holder--Dragonfly


It is a remote control holder from Hobby Lobby that I altered.  BIG fun!!

And for Sherry:

coffee cup

Perhaps Sherry doesn't have any personality without caffeine--seems really unlikely--but we will NEVER know!! (hee hee)

Thanks again, for stopping by!



jacki j. said...

I almost bought that remote holder when I was in Hobby Lobby. I was having a practical moment and didn't get it to add to my collection of unfinished wood wannabe projects. After all we don't need another remote holder. My family just leaves them in the chair or on the floor so you have to hunt for it each time. Anyway, after seeing yours, I'm thinking teacher gift with some note pads or something like that in it? do you think that would work?

Heidi said...

That remote holder is beautiful! I also love the sentiment on the cup! Cute!