Friday, April 22, 2016

Little Vintage Girl's Hat

Happy Friday!
Today is one of the best Fridays in a LONG time... because I have nothing scheduled.
Much needs to get done, mind you... but nothing scheduled! Ahhh!

This week we're continuing to showcase Tammy's beautiful vintage spring hat images!
I have been excited to color "little vintage girl's hat":
Perhaps you can see that I am working up the nerve to go lineless. "No line" coloring is a goal of mine, but I am a bit timid.  So I have the lines here set to 25% transparency (I use Pages in iCloud, but the same could be done in MSWord -- I haven't figured out how to do it in OpenOffice or GoogleDrive, yet).

There are some amazing creations using these beautiful vintage hats on the blogs of my teammates:


Well, this is the first week of the challenge... but I missed the challenge.  It is anything but a card... and this is most certainly a card! 
I still hope you will join us in the challenge: "Anything but a card" on the A Day for Daisies Blog.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog today.

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ChristineCreations said...

I am having one of those rare non-scheduled days too! Enjoy!

This card is amazing did this perfectly and it totally has the no line look. I’m the same way I have to have a wee bit of lines so that I know where I’m going. You rocked this.