Tuesday, May 08, 2007


For our church's "Mother and Daughter Banquet, the hostesses of each of the tables needed to decorate aprons. I was not able to make mine at the time allotted at the church so I took mine home. And this is what my oldest dd and I did. Gracie, almost 9, designed hers , herself. I helped her, but that was mainly because of time issues (and my control freak tendencies) and not because of her lack of ability. My younger dd had to have pink. I added a little yellow (so saffron) because the transfer was scorched. They were very fun, and they were also my first textile project. It certainly will not be my last! Why didn't anyone tell me they were so easy!!

I used craft ink and chalk in for all of them, except the big blossom on Gracie's is acrylic paint . I heat set them all with an iron. I will probably throw them in the dryer, tomorrow, just to be sure.

Thanks for looking and stop back again!!


Dawn Mercedes said...

gorgeous! wonder girls...hope you have a great time.

Aunt T said...

What a wonderful job with the aprons. I'm sure everyone will have a lovely time.


Leslie Miller (leslierich) said...

Oh, my goodness! I love your stamping on fabric! It looks so pretty!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay...I know you have left tons of information about how to stamp on fabric....I get it, but now with the heat setting using an iron, how do you do it!! This information is for a customer of mine and I want to give her tons of info...I get the whole dryer thing too...Please any advice you have on heat setting would be perfect!
Tracy Berrow