Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Seven Random Things About Me....

I have been tagged by the sweet and fun Tammy!!

So here goes Seven random things about me....

1. I was a Theatre major (not "drama" that is the literature of the theatre and not "theater" that is the building where plays and movies are viewed) with one credit short (not credit hours--it would be 4 to 6 credit hours--I think) of a math minor.

2. My one rubbing elbows with celebrity is while I did a theatre internship Off-Broadway in NYC, I worked with Calista Flockhart. (She is nice, talented, and focused actress--she treated everyone with respect.)

3. I love the way my kids smell when they first wake up. Weird, I know. It is one of my favorite parts of my morning hugs. (It always brings to mind the scripture 2 Cor 2: 14-16).

4. I have been to Greece, Turkey, and Israel, during the summer of 2000. The trip of a lifetime!

5. I hate panty hose, thigh highs, knee highs, and stockings in general. I wear them when I have to wear them, but it is under silent protest.

6. My heart still skips a beat when my husband comes into the room. What can I say?

7. I want to learn to play the drums. I don't think this will happen within the next 18 years (as I will embarrass my children way too much, but the day after little dd goes off to college, I will be scouting the garage sales for drums.) I have played the piano, the oboe, the alto saxophone, handbells, and sang; it is time to make a joyful noise in a new way.

Now it is time to tag three others.....hmmmmm.....

  • Debi---check out her cards--cool eh?, Oh, and she has 5 kids!
  • Amanda--Her energy just makes you want to go stamp something!!
  • Andria--Not only does she make neat cards and sb pages--she has a good heart!

Thanks Tammy for the tag! This is interesting!

There will be actual stamping coming SOON!

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