Friday, January 04, 2008

Stamp Sets for Sale

I have some lonely stamps--perhaps they would be happier in your house.

Stamp sets for Sale:
Around the Block
Birthday Best
Happy Occasions
Paint Prints
Stippled Stencils

Best Blossoms --gone
Quick and Cute
Very Punny
Fun Filled
Lexicon of Love

Reverse Prints
Word by Word (no box)

All About U --gone
Pretty Princess --gone

I can fit up to two stamp sets in a Flat rate Priority envelope so postage will be $4.60 for up to two sets. I take Pay Pal—just add an additional $.50 to help cover fees.

All sets are used and all sets stamp very nicely!

E-mail me at julesiana @ go dot com (without spaces and dot = .) with questions or to ask me to send you a Pay Pal invoice.


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