Friday, January 04, 2008


I have been tagged by my good friend and hero, Debi. (My Crazy Life)

So here goes Seven RANDOM things about me!!

1--I love to be the first one to use a margarine/butter/spread tub! That little curly-que that is on top is just too cute. I will often have a piece of toast JUST to get at it first. Sad? Perhaps--but this is SUPPOSED to be random.

2--My favorite daily devotional is put out by the Moravian Church and is called Moravian Daily Texts. It has a couple of scriptures and a couple of verses of hymns (Moravians are VERY into music) each day. There is usually one that speaks to my heart or directs my thoughts in a practical way.

3--I love Christmas t.v. movies. In fact, I am an addict. So I am currently in withdrawl, the shakes have lessened but I still miss them. I love the fact that the endings are happy, there is usually a theme of relying on something of faith or bigger than oneself. I love that. I usually have projects that I work on while I *watch* and my husband works late in December--so I have become totally hooked on them. Funny thing is --I don't watch that much t.v. other times of the year.

4--My favorite coffee mug is a Christmas mug--I use it ALL year long!

5--I walked to school almost every day from Kindergarten to High School. I was in the only neighborhood in our town that did not provide busing the entire K-12. Our house was centrally located to Elementary, Middle and High School. (yes, I got a ride in bad weather)

6--My favorite color is DARK red. A burgundy, if you want to be specific. Sadly--I do not stamp much with this color.

7--One of my favorite sounds is the sound of leaves crunching on the sidewalk. (probably from all of those years of walking to school ).

Okay--I find it a LOT of fun to be tagged--but I am NOT good at tagging others. Have you not gotten tagged?????? I would love to hear about you--so PLEASE tag yourself and then come back here and post a comment so I can read about you.

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