Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I have been snowballed!

My online buddy, Shelly sent me a "snowball". It is a card with two sets of stamped images in it (enough to make two cards). I then make two cards with the stamped images in it and then include new stamped images and send the cards on to two other people. So the process "snowballs." Pretty neat idea!!

Here are the cards I made:

I will post the card Shelly sent to me as soon as I uncover it. I believe that my youngest dd took off with it. It was so much fun working with these images since I do not have this stamp set. (My older DD wants me to get it now--LOL!!--thanks Shelly!)

Actually thank you so much Shelly! This was so fun to receive, do , and send on!!


Stefanie said...

What a cute idea! Great cards!


Joan said...

that snowball idea is great! These cards are adorable. I never thought much of this set, and now that I've seen what you did with them, I have to admit, these images are adorable.

Kristine said...

WOW! You did an awesome possum job on those! I just love the fun papers and the primas with buttons. Sooo cute! ;0)