Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Confession and a Request

Confession time: I am a messy. And it has gotten to an all time low!! And to make matters WORSE the worst area of my home is "my studio."

The other evening while s'talking on Splitcoast I mentioned my organization challenges--I got a couple of offers for help. As wonderful as that would be, reality is that we all have pretty full lives, and it is up to me to clean up my own mess. Well, this is where the request comes into play.

A Request: We were not put on this earth to be alone, but to be in relationship with one another. One advantage of this is ACCOUNTABILITY. This is what I need along with a dose of encouragement. My plan is to have my stamp area cleaned by Friday at noon in order to participate in VSN (Virtual Stamp Night) on SplitCoastStampers this weekend.

So what we need is some before pictures:

(WARNING: this is not for the squeemish or the faint of heart. DO NOT look if you are under doctors orders to avoid disasters!)

Now that you have lost all respect for me, I want you not know that I have already spent 2.5 hours going through stuff in this space, and the bookshelf area is about 75% done. However, the Stamping desk (with the black chair) looks WORSE--yes, it is possible.
So stop in at various times this week and I will post updates and (hopefully) Friday will be the big unveiling of a newly organized stamping studio!!
BTW-if anyone has ANY interests in back issues of Paper Crafts, 2003-2004 catalogs, or old mini-catalogs THEY ARE YOURS!! LOL!!


Jan Scholl said...

that is clean and tidy compared to mine. I dumped everything upstairs when we decided to remodel (wll, I am doing it myself, so I decided) and whenever I need something, I go upstairs in the cold (heat is off excpet in one bedroom) and try to find what I need. The kitchen table is piled high and I bought a desk, which is piled up to replace the built in desk I am ripping out, which had my computer at the moment. MIne is an unnatural disaster. HOme and Garden would not want to come here.

Anonymous said...

You LOL but I really have been keeping an eye out for the 2003-2004 catalog and the 2004 summer mini. Can't help it, I'm a catalog collector. I'd love your leftovers. P.S. Love the snowball idea. Great job on those cards! LorieR

Barb Nelson (babsnelson) said...

Now I love ya even more!! That looks just like my house!!! I can't contain my messes either....they just spill out everywhere!!