Tuesday, March 20, 2007

While I am busy elsewhere..........

Well, I am not stamping a whole lot this week in efforts to clean up my stamp area. (Man I wish I had the guts just to throw stuff out!) So I thought I would pull out a couple of projects that I did last spring.
The top one is to go with my Easter blouse. I wore slacks that Easter since I was in the church Nursery all morning. The second is a Stampin' Up! contest entry. (it lost) The purses are wooden ones from Hobby lobby. The paper is applied with "Mod Podge" decoupage medium.
No much stamping, but a whole lot of fun!

Thanks for stopping by! I think I will be picking up some blog candy when I go into "the city" in April--so check back often!!

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Julia Stainton said...

Very pretty! Love your altered containers! Gorgeous! I feel your pain about cleaning up all the stuff! I never seem to get through mine.