Monday, March 26, 2007

Just for FunBella

It has been a long time since I have just sat down and made a card--just because it is fun! I usually need a card for a certain purpose or I am doing a challenge. Neither of these things are wrong OR negative but sometimes it is important to do things--just for the joy of it!! Today was my day (or at least the latter part of the evening).

Pretty much the exact same layout in all three cards (hey, if it ain't broke, 'ya don't go'an try fixin' it). Also all three card used paper piecing. (Stamping on patterned {printed or stamped} paper and then cutting out the images and piecing them together). It was like playing with paper dolls! Stamping in different parts of the patterned paper to get different outfits!! Bella Fun!

Most of the patterned paper is from Chatterbox, but the main background paper for the two bottom cards is from American Crafts. All of the patterned paper is double sided *fun*!

So this is my fun for today! This was as refreshing as today's spring weather!!

Thanks for stopping in!!


Allison said...

These are the colors and DP!

Anonymous said...

Bellas everywhere! I love your cards. You have a great blog here...I will continue coming back!

Anonymous said...

Love them! Great colors and design. Thanks for such a nice blog. LorieR

Erin K said...

I love these cards.

Vicki said...

I just love these Bellas!! I just bought a ton of them!! I can't wait to use them..just for fun too!! Great cards!