Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I hope you are having a blessed Thanksgiving. How cool it is to set aside a day just to remind ourselves how richly we are blessed and to give thanks and praise to God for our blessings!!

This year I am not cooking. We are celebrating with our church family with a community dinner at church. This is SO apropos since our family and our church family have been through some trying times these last six months. We need to come together and celebrate how faithful and loving God has been through it all.

THANKFULLY I was not asked to cook. (I think the fact that I bring packaged foods to every church dinner was a BIG hint that this is not an area that I am blessed in). I designed and assembled the centerpieces. Sadly, no stamping or papercrafting was involved. Just a tiny little budget! I made these for around $2 a piece (thanks to some AWESOME deals at Hobby Lobby and Michaels)
The pails are from the Floral dept at Walmart. In the bottom is about 1-1/2 to 2 cups of Great Northern Beans (dry) that dh won at a couple of running races. I cut apart several silk flower bouquets and put 5-6 stems in each pot (held in place by the beans). The sticks are bamboo skewers hot glued to mini clothespins. They are to hold *blessings*. Guests are encouraged to write down a blessing and put it on the clothespins (that is what the green pads of paper are for.) Voila--a centerpiece.

I hope today finds you in a pool of blessings--and perhaps you may be blessed in the counting of those blessings.

And THANKS for stopping by!!


JAR said...

Oh they are wonderful!! I love the vibrant flower colors. What a perfect centerpiece for your church diner!!

Becky Elfert said...

What a great idea for a center piece. I'll have to remember to try this for next year. TFS

Happy Thanksgiving
Becky Elfert

Rose Ann said...

These are very pretty! Happy Thanksgiving!