Monday, April 13, 2009

You can do this!!!

Am I the only one who was intimidated by the Kittie Kits from Rubbernecker???   I mean, sure they have all the stamps that she uses, and yeah she makes it look so easy…but…

…But will I be able to do anything with them??  Will I just look like a failed Kittie-wanna-be??? 

Am I the only one who thought like that??

Well, even if I am the only one who had these thoughts, I want to tell you that if I can do this—so can you. 

When in TX with Kittie I expressed my fears, but she encouraged me to just give it a try.  Not only was I amazed that I could make something that looked nice, but IT WAS FUN!!!

Here is my first attempt:


I just used regular Georgia Pacific cardstock, after all, I was just playing around.  The ground was made by sponging the edge of a torn paper mask.  I also watercolored a few branches.  I cropped out the parts that didn’t work—and the ribbon is covering an unfortunate smudge.  But I am fairly happy with the results.

My second attempt:


This time (taking Kittie’s suggestion) I used real watercolor paper.  I felt more in control of the ink and playing with my fine watercolor brush to make branches and fill in the trunk.  The clouds are my old standby for watercolored sky—a water color crayon. (Sadly I need a sympathy card for my dear SIL—who lost her stepfather last month). 

Does the world need another Kittie Caracciolo??  Nope, we have an absolutely WONDERFUL one. 

In fact, she is so wonderful that she encouraged me to try something that has brought her great joy and satisfaction.  (Yeah, she is REALLY like that!!)  And through this I am having fun making Kittie-ish scenes in my own Jules-ish way.

So if you have been on the fence on whether to try a Kittie Kit or two, I really suggest getting one of the masters (Outdoor Master or Beach Master) and giving it a try.  After all—it is only ink and paper!!


Sherry Cheever said...

BRAVO . . . it is only paper and ink! Love both of these Jules and quite honestly I never feel I do Kittie Kits justice at all. There is only one Kittie for sure!!!!!

Connie said...

These are fanstic, Jules, and yes, I am totally intimidated by them...I have also been on the fence about getting them so I think I will take your advice and start with the outdoor master...Thanks!

broni (waterchild12) said...

Super spectacular, Jules! I agree with you about there only being one wonderful Kittie, but I may just have to start calling you Kittie Jr.!!

elaina said...

i too was encouraged by kittie, and am so grateful to get her blessings on my cards using her technique, you just started and caught on real good, i don't have her kits yet, hopefully soon, i hope you keep doing them seeing that yours are so pretty, i love your own look, especially the torn paper and watercolored sky, tfs

Kittie said...

Juliana, I have tears running down my cheeks, you adorable girl! Both of these cards are gorgeous and I am very excited that you didn't let a smudge keep you from finishing your card. There is always a way to cover a "happy mistake". Did you see how much easier it was to paint on your watercolor paper. The color stays much more alive. You have no idea how thrilled I am that you enjoyed playing with my stamps. That is exactly why I wanted to create them. You have brought me pure joy tonight.

Stacy aka Twinshappy on SCS said...

These are great. I love the trees wonderful cards.

stampscout said...

Your Kittie scenes are both TERRIFIC, Juliana! Doesn't the watercoloring paper make a big difference. You're another inspiration for the technique!

Savor the Journey said...

I'm with you, Jules! Intimidated? Oh yes! Amazed at watching Kittie turn paper into art in her special way? Oh yeah! And look at this! You are on your very own way to creating with the fabulous touch of Juliana! I could just hug you!


Judy Rozema said...

Julesie, these are just lovely!!! I LOVE the sky in the second one! I have never tried them, as I am intimidated too! Maybe someday!!

Sharon (notimetostamp) said...

A failed Kittie-wannabe - oh, you are too funny!!! That would be ME, not you - LOL!!! These creations are drop DEAD gorgeous!!!! Love them both!!!