Thursday, June 14, 2007


Well, it is time to get rid of the old and make way for the new. Stamps sets that is. I have a list here to sell. Shipping is included if you purchase more than one set.

Most current items are 20%off, and previously retireds, are 50% off.

Note: All items are used, but stamp well.
(Most stamps have links to SplitCoastStampers galleries so you can see the stamps in action)

All I Have Seen --14.95—12.00
All Year Cheer I—29.95—24.00 reserved
Around the Block—11.95—6.00
Best Blossoms—14.95—7.50
Birthday Best—12.95—10.00
Classic Alphabet and Numbers—38.95+16.95=55.90—40.00
Collage Alphabet and Numbers—26.95+16.95=43.90—35.00
Fun Filled—16.95—13.50
Garden Collage—14.95—7.50
Happy Occasions—14.95—12.00
Lexicon of Love—14.95—12.00
Noteworthy (in French)—14.95—7.50
*Pretty Princess--22.95--1800
Quick and Cute—16.95—8.50
Reverse Prints—19.95—10.00
So Very—14.95—12.00
Stippled Celebrations—28.95—14.00
Stippled Stencils—11.95—6.00
Timeworn Trim—11.95—6.00
Too Terrific Tags—14.95—7.50
Very Punny—14.95—12.00
Whimsical Alphabet-Lower—26.95—21.00

Adoring Hearts Jumbo Wheel—7.95—6.00
Pine Bough—5.95—4.50 reserved
Sweet Feet—5.95—4.50

*newly added
Just e-mail me with "Retired Sets" in the subject line with questions or to reserve a set.
julesiana "at" go "dot" com (the e-mail is listed like this to prevent a bit of spam)

Thanks for looking.

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