Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Let's hear it for SUPER mail days!

First of all, yesterday was a wonderful mail day. Not only did I get a wonderful CCRAK (Challenge Chaser Random Act of Kindness) card from Beadn&Stampn COMPLETE with "I don't do mornings" images (stay tuned for cards using those--I just can't wait!!) but I also received the blog candy awarded by Julia S.

I am so excited about the papers, ribbon (velvet), coasters, and Snap Stamps. I do not have access to these things locally--so this made it an EXTRA special treat.

Today, well, today just blows yesterday away!

To think I did not even see it when I brought in the mail! But my older dd noticed the box when she returned from school. A box!! I knew from the return address it was from TwinsHappy!! She has been asking if I had gotten anything in the mail for a couple of days. No wonder she was so anxious!! It is the most awesomist (YES, you English majors out there--I KNOW it isn't a word) CCRAK!


At first it seemed just ordinarily awesome. A decorated tin with BEAUTIFUL paper, and a SWEET sentiment!! But this was HEAVY. I open it up to see chocolate, then primas, then brads, then more chocolate, then buttons, more brads, the sweetest note pad, the cutest tissues (called *SWANKIES* {giggle}), more primas and pretty ribbon and finally a note. It was a sweet note of encouragement (things have been a rough around here.)

I have plans in my head of how to use each and every piece!! I have never even laid my eyes on many of these things before (especially the tiny primas!!) Thank you TwinsHappy!!

If there were any bills in the mail today--can't say as I noticed them!
Now I think I am going to plot and plan how I can "pay it forward."
Wakka Wakka


Lisa said...

WOWZERS! Nice surprise!!!!

Markie's Mom said...

WOW!!! GREAT Surprise!!!!